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I’ve been playing a lot of tennis lately, with the unseasonably warm weather. I think that my game is better than ever. Kind of hard to believe, that just over two years ago, I could not move my right (dominant) arm. I had fallen, stuck out my arm to break my fall, and dislocated my shoulder and completely tore my rotator cuff. My life and priorities for the near future changed in that instant. It seemed that if I ever played tennis again, I was going to have to learn to play with my left hand. Not impossible, but not preferable either.

I was never so lost or so worried. I called a friend of mine, whose wife is a physical therapist, and she recommended that I see Bob Grossman and SP.O.R.T.S. I was in therapy for over 9 months to regain the use of my right arm. As I look back on that time, I have only warm memories and thoughts. Yes, there was a lot of pain, and effort; and progress was measured in inches. But, I can easily say that physical therapy at SP.O.R.T.S. was a positive experience. The care is hands on. They are in tune with your individual circumstances and understand the interaction of all bodily forces, to an amazing degree. The atmosphere is uplifting. Many people are working to get better at the same time. All of us dragged our broken bodies in there, yet smiles abounded. Making progress is the norm.

I recommended SP.O.R.T.S to a friend of mine who had broken her leg. After completing therapy, she went and recommended them to a friend of hers. I take an occasional tennis stroke with my left hand. Fortunately, it is just occasionally. That should tell you something.

Rob Rudick,
Takoma Park, MD

Yep, never thought it would happen to me. Yet here I was in a hospital at great risk of losing my leg following a traffic accident. I spent April to November lying in a hospital bed in our living room, leaving it only to crawl to the bathroom. The prospects were bleak.

Luckily for me, I eventually found myself at Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services (SP.OR.T.S.) and in the care of Bob Grossman and his staff. It took a long time, but as far as I’m concerned, Mr. Grossman saved my leg.

Not only was he competent in dealing with my injury and rehabilitation, but Bob understood the demands on my emotions. I was in therapy an average of four days a week for over a year! It’s hard to face the discomfort and discouragement that a major injury demands. SP.OR.T.S. made the unbearable bearable. Bob actually made it fun!

SP.OR.T.S., and Bob Grossman, in particular, have my enthusiastic endorsement. I recommend them to anyone facing physical therapy, especially those who must commit to a long rehabilitation. I know. I still have my “gonna lose it” leg thanks to Bob.

Most sincerely,
E. F. Hodal, Jr.

Dear Bob and Bill:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for the services and treatments you gave me, first a year ago when I was rehabbing my shoulder and now treating my new ankle.  It is evident that you and the rest of your staff take pride in your work.  Although physical therapy is not something a person chooses to do for pleasure, you make the experience and environment as pleasant as possible.  George’s pleasant attitude and words of encouragement are also helpful.

Thanks again.  I know your treatment insured that my surgery was a success.


J. Spencer

Dear Doctor Jeng:

I want to take this opportunity to recommend an excellent facility for your consideration when suggesting physical therapy for your patients.  The same professional and compassionate care that you and your staff provide is also available at SP.OR.T.S., Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services.

Brother R. McCann, S.T., Director

Father Judge Missionary Cenacle

As you might remember, I have been at your facility twice – three months the first time and four months the second.  The stubborn, long-lasting back pain finally gave in.  I attribute this success to your professional care.  Another reason for my loyalty to your services is in the effectiveness of the front office staff.  The ladies at the desk do their best to accommodate patients.  Therapy starts within minutes on patients’ arrival.  Should I need physical therapy again I will certainly return to your facility.  And, of course, I will recommend you to any individual in need of physical therapy.

Sincerely and in gratitude,

R. Feld, PhD

The staff is quite courteous and the therapists are truly professional.  Each patient receives an individualized plan for his or her rehabilitation.  I received very good treatment in-house and was encouraged to perform suitable exercises at home.  I am truly pleased with my experience AT Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services and I highly recommend these therapists.

-J. G. Schaefer

I was completely satisfied with Mr. Amos who demonstrated competence and care.

-M. Reynolds

Dear Dr. Bleckner:

Your kindness and compassion kept me coming back.

I have never observed a facility which provides such quality care.  As one came through the doors, and as they exited, you were made to feel special.

Blessings and health to all, M. and R. King

Bill Amos evaluated my condition, and then encouraged me to push myself to get stronger.  He was very respectful and encouraging.

-B. Miller

Dear Dr. Schneider

After seeing you with pains in my left arm, shoulder and neck, you recommended that I see a physical therapist from your recommended list – I, therefore, went to Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy services inSilver Springwhere I was treated by Mr. Robert Grossman, the Clinical Director.

At the end of 17 sessions, I felt much better and came out very satisfied.  The care I received from Mr. Grossman was excellent.  I was impressed by his professionalism, politeness and patience.  Everybody in his office was very friendly and good at his/her work, too.  I would recommend Mr. Grossman as well as everyone in his office who may need physical therapy.


A. Carelli

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