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Robert Grossman, PT, OCS is a low handicap golfer who has played on the “A” team and senior “A” team at Hobbits Glen Golf Club in Columbia, Maryland. He has been an avid golfer for over 30 years after playing professional baseball with the Cleveland Indian Organization. He was member of the Indians Major League roster and sustained a serious injury causing his retirement from baseball. As an accomplished golfer, he knows the mechanics of an effective golf swing. As a physical therapist with over 30 years of clinical experience and board certified in orthopedic physical therapy, he is uniquely qualified to assess your physical abilities which specifically relate to your ability to hit the ball consistently well and long. If there are mechanical problems with your neck, shoulder, back, hips, knees, or ankles, he will recommend treatments which will ameliorate the problems so that the golf swing will be made supple, strong, and balanced.

Efficient and effective full swing mechanics require these underlying physical components:

  1. Postural Symmetry
  2. Golf Specific Strength
  3. Functional Flexibility
  4. Balance
  5. Proper Sequencing

The evaluation process includes evaluative procedures that help identify deficits in these areas:

What your golf specific evaluation will include:

What are Your Goals? We will identify the areas of the full golf swing that you are having trouble with from your experience. By being honest about your abilities and where you want to go in the game of golf will help us individualize your program.

Assessment of the Four Components of Golf Specific Conditioning

Postural Balance: Golf tends to promote postural imbalances. Gaining improved postural balance (symmetry of strength and flexibility) will promote prevention of injury and allow for improved performance. We will assess any imbalances you have that affect your ability to address the ball in an optimal method.

Golf Specific Strength: The golf swing requires rotatory motion more so then true linear motion (such as running). The momentum of the golf swing must be transferred through a stable trunk from the legs to the upper body. In order to maintain your spine angle through the swing requires excellent strength of the muscles which resist extension of the hips – the core muscles. We will assess the strength of the muscles of the core, rotator cuff, and lower extremities that might limit your ability to allow for a full backswing, attain a good lag position, impact position, and follow-through position.

Functional Flexibility: By enhancing joint and muscle, you lengthen your golf swing (longer levers) resulting in increased club head speed. We will assess if your flexibility limits your ability to attain a full turn on the backswing, and forward swing.

Balance: Balance relies on coordination of the joint mechanoreceptors, and muscle spindle with the central nervous system. Processing of this information in the brain at the spinal cord level allows for coordinated movements to occur in the golf swing. As we age, the sensory organs and our coordination of processing becomes less sensitive, generally due to disuse. We will assess your ability to maintain proper balance and stability during the backswing, impact, and follow-through positions during a full swing.

At the end of your assessment we will determine a plan of care to normalize, from a golfing perspective, the areas of deficit you have regarding your ability to make an optimized swing. Our goal is to maximize both your power and consistency.

Cost of Assessment and Treatment

Initial Evaluation: $150. You will receive a written program for home exercises to ameliorate your problem areas. You will have an explanation of your deficits and what needs to be done to correct your deficiencies. Your plan may include recommendations for follow-up that may include manual therapy treatments that will expedite your improvement in flexibility in particular.

Follow up Treatments: $100. You will be given the opportunity to work with an expert in manual therapy and thus decrease the time towards getting you to the top of your game as soon as possible. Review of your exercise program and advancement of your exercises will allow you to proceed as fast as possible toward improvement of your full swing mechanics.


“As a high handicap golfer, I am always looking to improve my game. Bob Grossman, PT, OCS of Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services in Silver Spring, MD provides concrete ways to improve one’s physical weaknesses as they relate to golf fundamentals. After a thorough physical evaluation, Bob devises a golfer’s improvement plan and exercise schedule that takes into account his findings in concert with the posture, balance, strength, and flexibility requirements needed to perform a fundamentally-sound golf swing. Complete with his documented analysis and golfer’s improvement plan, come pictured exercises with detailed instructions. In addition, Bob requires a follow-up session to see how the exercises and improvements in posture, balance, strength, and flexibility are progressing. Bob, a low handicap golfer, successfully combines his physical therapy acumen with his golfing expertise to help his clients. With Bob’s help, my game has dramatically improved – reducing several strokes off my handicap. I highly recommend Bob Grossman for both high and low handicap golfers who seek to achieve significant improvements in their golf game.”

Joe Bross
Columbia, MD

Over the past couple of years it has become obvious to me that I am not making as full a golf swing as I possibly can. Swinging harder and faster really wasn’t working so I knew I needed to do something a bit different besides pounding a bunch of golf balls on the range. As a physical therapist and knowledge of the golf swing you were able to pinpoint exactly where my physical weaknesses lie.

Although not easy to accept after your thorough screening, we were able to pinpoint what areas of my body needed strengthening and additional elasticity. The personally designed exercise and stretching program you have provided has been easy to follow and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes per session. I am starting to see some differences on the golf range as my balance, range of motion, and strength are all improving. As we discussed, this is not a quick fix, but over time I can see how this is going to improve my overall game and allow me to sustain and possibly improve my 11 handicap.

Steve Feldstein
11 Handicap
Age – 59

Both my ball striking and distance have improved greatly since incorporating the excercises and methods designed for me by Bob Grossman, PT, OCS. I added 25 yards to my driver and am playing some of the best golf of my life. His evaluation of my golf swing and his determination of my weaknesses have led to an amazing improvement in my game. I am grateful for his help and you will be also.

Bob Rose,
Ocean Pines/Columbia, Md.

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